2017-2018 Team Tryouts
May 15, 2017
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Over 30 youth between the ages of 5 and 15 attended Monday’s 90Ten Training Academy’s basketball training clinic in Tumwater.

At the clinics, 90Ten coaches, Robin Johnson and Heidi Paschal, encourage players to use growth mindset techniques for mental training, urge kids to challenge themselves physically, and to take informed risks to make themselves better players. “Each week, we have seen higher attendance at the clinics and it’s exciting to see the players work hard to continue to develop their skills.” said Johnson, who is also the 90Ten Training Academy owner.

The clinics are also opportunities for experienced 90Ten players to strengthen their leadership and mentoring skills by helping out with the youngest or more inexperienced participants under the support and encouragement of 90TEN coaching staff.

At the end of each session, coaches select and reward participants for their persistence, optimistic attitude, and for pushing themselves to achieve their training goals.  “I like coming to the clinics.  We work hard, have fun, and I’m always a little sore the next day.” said, Parker McAferty, a second year player for 90Ten.

Clinics are offered once weekly throughout the month of May and cost $30 per session.  For additional information and to register your child, visit the 90Ten website, https://90ten.net/camps/.


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