Events for December 2022

The most tedious part of the summer basketball season is the administrative steps required of players to participate in the NCAA college-viewing tournaments. We have outlined the 5 requirements below, and included detailed steps of each part.

Required Steps

  1. Register with 90TEN for the upcoming season – (link coming soon)
  2. Pay the deposit/season fee that covers tournament entry, facility rental, coaching fees, and administrative costs.
  3. Renew your player’s AAU Membership
  4. Create an NCAA Athlete Account with Basketball Certification System (BBCS)
  5. Create/Update Triple Crown player athlete profile

AAU Membership

If you do not have an AAU membership yet, you can renew or apply for a membership here:

  • The 90TEN club number is: W37EDY

Once you have your player’s AAU number, please email with the number or include it in the 90TEN registration.

NCAA Athlete Account

This is slightly tedious, but is REQUIRED for our summer tournaments. Your athlete must have an athlete profile in the the NCAA system. After you create or update your profile, 90TEN will add you to our virtual bench. Then you will receive an email with a notification to accept/reject that addition to bench. You must accept the invitation to our bench and then we will create the mandatory roster.

Here is the simplified version of the steps that need to happen by you/your athlete:

  1. Navigate to the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) website (
  2. Register as a new user or update your old profile; and
    1. Enter address, contact information, etc.
  3. Login to email account that you used for your profile; and
  4. Click the link to confirm registration; and
  5. Watch a short video
    1. Basic information tab
    2. My Course information tab
    3. Click hyperlink for each course
  6. Return to profile; AND
  7. Certify you took the course; and

Completion of educational course is required before I can add you to our 90TEN BENCH or your TEAM ROSTER for participation.

  1. Update school information tab; and
  2. Click SAVE; then

We will add you to the 90TEN bench and you will receive an email notification. Then you have a few required steps:

  1. Login and accept the invitation on the My Teams tab

Here are the full detailed instructions:

Triple Crown

You may have an authorization request to accept the Triple Crown invitation in your email.

Please update any information, player position as we just selected a position at random.